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OPPOSITE DAY (2nd Edition) 

Please join us for the release of the second edition of Opposite Day, a marking of annual time (a zine), with a participatory work What Time, which will result in microcosmic, organic time-marking. 

Opposite Day is an annual recording of a particular art community's and adjacent perspectives on life during the current US governmental leadership. The second edition is a collection of writings collected throughout the course of the year to date, and the various subject matter may seem at once distant and close at hand. The first edition came out on December 18th, 2016, and the second edition will be released on December 18th, 2017. 

Angela Conant invites participants to make rubbings of a handless clock, the numbers of which are etched in Vermont White marble. As each rubbing is completed, participants will add drawn-in clock's hands to indicate the hour and minute of completion. The resulting collection of rubbings/drawings will be incremental indicators of labor and collaboration. 

Copies of the 1st edition of Opposite Day will be available.

In her recent work, Angela Conant repeats content through paint, video and stone. Her videos incorporate sculpture and paintings and have parodied the politics of gender and media. Her practice also encompasses curating and collaborating on artist-run projects.
Conant’s work has been exhibited at Electronic Arts Intermix (New York City), The Elizabeth Foundation Project Space (New York City), SPRING/BREAK art show (New York City); Glasshouse Projects (Brooklyn), Interstate Projects (Brooklyn); the Delaware Center for Contemporary Art (Wilmington, DE), Neter (Mexico City, MX), The Sunview Luncheonette (Brooklyn), ICA Baltimore (Baltimore, MD), La Mama Gallery (New York City), SARDINE (Brooklyn, NY), Galerie René Blouin (Montreal, QC) and Agency (Brooklyn, NY). She has spoken at Boston University's School of Fine Art and at New York Foundation for the Arts, and was awarded a Critical Writing residency at Recess (New York City) in 2013 and an Artist Residency at the Millay Colony (Austerlitz, NY) in 2014. In 2007, she co-founded The Gowanus Studio Space, an artist-run collaborative in Brooklyn where she served as Artistic Director until 2014. She earned an MFA from School of Visual Arts in 2013.

Meta Meta Meta LLC is a collaborative arts organization run by artists Leah Wolff and Guy Ben-Ari. Since 2009, they have been facilitating creative and discursive activities with the aim of supporting a diverse community of underrepresented artists through collaboration and community engagement. Meta Meta Meta LLC teaches workshops, organizes events, and produces publications in order to empower the public through increased access to the arts.

AGENCY is a newly opened project space located in DUMBO, Brooklyn, established by Meta Meta Meta, LLC with the goal of promoting underrepresented and emerging Brooklyn based artists.